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2017 Singapore International Classical Piano Competition

​2017 Singapore International Classical Piano Competition is organized by IMCAS, International Music Culture Association Singapore. The Final round took place on 27 August 2017 in Lee Foundation Theatre. 

83 competitors from 11 countries had joined the finals and divided into 8 categories. After the competition, 13 competitors won the first prize and had the opportunity to perform in the gala concert to show their wonderful performance to the audiences. In the end, Meng Yiruixue Jessie had won the overall best performance prize - "Finger Waltz Talent" Prize, include $1,000 Cash Bonus.

Dr. Sachiko Kawamura also performed “The Nutcracker Suite” by Tchaikovsky/ Pletnev to audiences.

Dr. Wu Yang, the director of Finger Waltz, was one of the juries of this competition.

12 students of Finger Waltz had joined the competition. They had won 2 first prizes, 5 second prizes, and 6 third prizes. They are:

  • Albert Yu Xiong (First Prize and Winner of Category C),

  • Lim Tze Kai Iden (First Prize of Category C, Second Prize of Specified Composition Group),

  • Choe Kah Ning Celeste (Second Prize of Category B),

  • Chen Yi Nuo Torris (Third Prize of Category B),

  • Sarah Tan Si Hui (Third Prize of Category B),

  • Tan Wen Yu (Third Prize of Category B),

  • Yao Zi Lu Isaiah (Second Prize of Category B),

  • Ye Xu Xi (Second Prize of Category B),

  • Zhong Hao Yuan Dora (Third Prize of Category B),

  • Caya Ko You Qing (Second Prize of Category A),

  • Liu Yue Ning (Third Prize of Category A),

  • Yumi Chan Le Tong (Third Prize of Category C)

congrats to all the competitors!

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