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Finger Waltz Music School Play Violin

 About Us  

About Finger Waltz


Finger Waltz was founded by Dr. Wu Yang in April 2014, now already become a leading music and dance school in Singapore, be famous of its high teaching quality. Finger Waltz specialises in providing individually customised music lessons ( piano, violin, vocal) and group dance lessons to students of all ages and levels.


Finger Waltz believes that only the real professional teachers can help our students to fulfil their music and dance dreams. The teacher's recruitment criteria in Finger Waltz are such rigorous, that only the best teachers can join. All the teachers in Finger Waltz are graduated from famous conservatories or dance academy with at least a bachelor degree. They are highly experienced in teaching and performing, and all of them are able to teach students from beginner to diploma.

About Our Lessons


In Finger Waltz, music lessons are highly customized to engage each student in a way that suits their learning objectives. The lessons are structured to inculcate all necessary skills, include practical, theory, scales, sight-reading, aural, and also to improve their physical and mental coordination. No matter you are learning instruments for fun, or willing to take ABRSM examinations for a certification, Finger Waltz will be always able to tailor the lessons to fulfill your requirements and objectives.

Dance lessons are group lesson and conduct by our professional dance teacher. We adopt small class teaching method and control the amount of students to improve learning quality; every class will have no more than 8 students.  The curriculum design of dance lesson is also tailor made to fit the age, gender and characters of students in one group. From Ballet to Chinese dance, even Hip-hop, our teachers will help our students to learn dance in a happy and efficient way, no matter they want to learn for leisure or take exam.

About Our Record


Finger Waltz has achieved 100% pass rate for all students take ABRSM examinations, more than 90% students can get a merit or distinction.


Beside the ABRSM examinations, we provides various opportunities for performing. As we have our own recital hall with a Steinway & Sons grand piano, so we can conduct school concert every 3 months and a yearly concert in Esplanade. Beside concert, students also can join master classes, workshop, summer camp etc. all kinds of music events. We had invited Steinway Artist Mr. Adam Gyorgy, Mr. Poom Prommachart and Ms. Lena Ching etc. to gave master class and workshops and we will continually invite more well-known pianist come to Finger Waltz in the future.

We also encourage students to join international music competitions.

  • In 2020, our student Xiao Yanlin had won First Prize of Steinway Youth Piano Competition Category 1.

  • In 2019, our student Lim Tze Kai Iden had qualified Semi-final in Singapore National Piano Competition. 2 of our students joined "4th Singapore Raffles Culture & Arts Festival" and won gold prizes. 1 student joined "9th Asia International Art Competition" and won second prize. 6 of our students joined " 3rd Singapore International Classical Piano Competition" , and won second prizes and third prizes.

  • In 2018, more than 10 students joined " 2nd Singapore International Classical Piano Competition" , all of them passed the qualification round and won a prize in the final. 3 students joined "8th Asia International Art Competition" and won 1 first prize and 2 second prizes.

  • In 2017, more than 10 students joined "2017 Singapore International Classical Piano Competition" in different age categories. All of them passed the qualification round and won a prize in the final, 2 of them had won First Prizes. 

  • In 2016, four of our students had won 6 prizes in "Piano Friends" 6th International Piano Competition Junior Session (Milan, Italy), 17th Valsesia Music Juniors International Competition (Varallo, Italy) and 6th Singapore Performers' Festival & Chamber Music Competition (Include: Absolute First Prize in Category B,  First Prize in Category A and Second Prize in Category B of "Piano Talent" Competition, Absolute First Prize in Category A and another First Prize in Category A of "Valsesia Music" Competition, Silver Prize of "Singapore Performers" Festival).

  • In 2015, two of our students had won 3 prizes in 2015 Singapore International Youth Piano Competition (Include: First Prize in ABRSM G2 Category, Third Prize in Children Class D, Third Prize in Free Choice Children Class C).

Dr. Wu Yang founder of Finger Waltz Music School
 Dr. Wu Yang 
Founder’s Notes 


Nothing is worth living for without music.

We will try our best to nurture students’ musical talent through our professional coaching. I hope all the students can feel the magic of music, and enjoy their colorful life.

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