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What We're All About 

A Professional and Passionate Music Institution

Founded by Dr. Wu Yang in 2014, Finger Waltz Music is a leading music school in Singapore, be famous of its high teaching quality. We specialise in providing individually customised piano and violin lessons to students of all ages and levels.


We believe that only the real professional teachers can help our students to fulfil their music dreams. Only the best teachers graduated from famous conservatories with a bachelor degree or above in music performance can join the teaching team of Finger Waltz Music. They are highly experienced in teaching and performing, to make sure deliver the best lessons to students from beginners to diploma. 

Beside teaching, we are also a music events organiser. Students will have their talents inspired with performance opportunities on a professional stage,  from music concerts, masterclasses, camps to competitions, all year around. 

Figner Waltz Music is also the exclusive dealer of high-end piano brands "Estonia" and "Schulze Pollmann" in Singapore.

Principal's Note

Nothing is worth living for without music. We will try our best to nurture students’ musical talent through our professional coaching. I hope all the students can feel the magic of music, and enjoy their colorful life - Dr. Wu Yang

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 Dr. Wu Yang
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