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Exclusive Dealer

Exclusive Dealer of Italian "Schulze Pollmann" Pianos

Finger Waltz is the exclusive dealer of the top brand "Schulze Pollmann" pianos in Singapore. 

Comes from Italy, "Schulze Pollmann" is one of the best piano all around the world. In our piano gallery, you are always able to get your loved piano with high quality and beautiful sounds at the same time.

Buy and learn piano in Finger Waltz, Risk Free, Hassle Free.

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My Loved Pianos

My Loved Pianos

We have both grand pianos and upright pianos of "Schulze Pollmann" for you to choose.

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(Black Polish)

Grand Piano


(Black Polish)

Grand Piano


(Black Polish)

Grand Piano


(Black Polish)

Upright Piano


(Black Polish/White Polish)

Upright Piano



(Black Polish)

Upright Piano

SU- 122R

(Walnut Peacock)

Upright Piano


(Black Polish)

Upright Piano


(Black Polish)

Upright Piano

The Heritage

The Heritage

Schulze Pollmann was formed in 1928 by the merger of two German piano builders that had moved to Italy. The founding partner, Paul Pollmann, worked for years with Ibach in Barmen and with Steinway & Sons in Hamburg before opening his own factory in Unna.


In 1923 the new factory was transferred to Turin; almost at the same time, another reputed piano builder from Germany, Schulze of Zwickau, moved to Bolzano in northern Italy.


The two companies merged in 1928 to create Schulze Pollmann, managed until 1942 by Paul Pollmann.


His son, Hans, was the technical director of the company from the 1950's till the 1970's. Hans had learned his craft under the supervision of his father before moving to Braunschweig, Germany to manage for a while the Schimmel piano company.

The origins of Schulze Pollmann make it easy to understand why the company's instruments are famed for the robustness, durability and full, mellow tones that are commonly associated with the great German tradition of piano building.

Whilst fully respecting these time-honoured characteristics, Schulze Pollmann has successfully managed to add original elements of Italian taste and design, producing a remarkable blend of tradition, elegance, technology and innovation.

The Quality

The Quality of the Pianos

With the skills of the craftsmen employed by the company and the use of advanced computerized machinery, capable of guaranteeing an extremely high level of precision and reliability at all stages of the production process, over the decades Schulze Pollmann has built a reputation of being one of Europe's foremost piano manufacturers.


The latest changes are mainly in the strung-back, and include: a new design of the crown of the soundboard (and, consequently, also of the ribs and the strings), a different thickness of the soundboard and an exclusive as well as innovative system of gluing the soundboard to its supports.


The Exceptional Beauty

In order to offer precious aesthetical solutions which would have inevitably made the beauty of Schulze Pollmann pianos recognized worldwide, our cabinetexperts have cooperated with eminent architects and defined wonderful combinations of various types of woods (and also between their own patterns).


Thanks to this valuable work, the Schulze Pollmann pianos are decorated with cabinets in Italian Walnut, American Mahogany and European Cherry with marvellous natural designs of the wood that portray the Peacock tail, the Feather and the precious Briar.

These finest veneers are applied to panels with an inert wood core and convey to each piano its uniqueness.


Meticulous attention is dedicated to the painting and varnishing processes, which, apart from conveying a greatly decorative touch, preserve the vitality and the exceptional beauty of the cabinet.

The Beauty
The Action

The Regulation of the Action

The action and the keyboard are positioned and regulated in respect of a perfect balance of leverages. Highly accurate adjustments and settings give a firm and consistently sensitive touch to every Schulze Pollmann piano, in perfect compliance with the company's rewarded classical principles.

The Sound

The Richness of the Sound

In the final production process our tuning technicians dedicate their talents to the adjustment of sound quality; particularly with the voicing of the hammers, they succeed in bringing musical vitality to each piano.


The acoustic results are extraordinary:


- An exceptionally rich and mellow sound with extended envelope persistency, to which tuners can apply their skills to obtain the best possible sound with respect to the ambiance.


- Absolute uniformity of timbre over the entire keyboard, with a special focus on the centre-left area.


- Pure and clear tones, totally free from extraneous noises, vibrations and false harmonics.


- Remarkable sound dynamics, giving an ample range of volume and expression.

Fararri Edition

Fararri Edition

Ferrari has contacted Schulze Pollmann to obtain a red piano matching the colour of their racing cars; this piano was meant to be used as a testimonial of Italian craftsmanship for the presentation of Ferrari Scaglietti 612 at their most prestigious worldwide dealerships.


Schulze Pollmann's technical experts in painting and master carpenters have done their utmost to replicate on wooden surface the same visual result requested by Ferrari, which, until then, had been obtained only on metal surfaces. The results were excellent and Ferrari decided to use this prestigious instrument also for the events in the farthest places, including California.


The 197 “Rosso Formula” comes from this experience; it is now produced upon request, in limited quantities. In addition to the exclusive red colour, which is warm and shining, this piano offers other unique features: a matching bench with velvety-leather red top, iron cast in carbon-gray colour (like the racing cars' engine), the inner side of the rim in metal grey colour (like the rims of these extraordinary cars).

The Reviews

The Reviews

"Schulze Pollmann" is rated the best piano for both grands and uprights by

With it's "European" warm sound and quality of the components, "Schulze Pollmann" is no doubt your best choice in Singapore.

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