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Finger Waltz Music proudly serves as the sole authorized dealer for esteemed piano brands such as "Schulze Pollmann" and "Estonia" in Singapore. Additionally, we offer the sophisticated "Hidrau" piano bench, ensuring a complete and exceptional musical experience for our discerning clientele.

Every new piano sold has 5 years warranty and 50% buy back while warranty is still valid. T&C apply.


"Schulze Pollmann" is an Italy top brand founded in 1928 by two German piano builder, Schulze of Zwickau and Paul Pollmann, who worked for years with Ibach in Barmen and with Steinway & Sons in Hamburg before opening his own factory.


"Estonia" is an exceptional high-end brand has the same name as its nation. Founded in 1893, Estonia pianos are truly hand-crafted piano in the European tradition. Estonia sets the standard and then seeks out only proven European partners to supply each selected component.

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