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2022 School Concert Interest Form

The school concert for 14 June 2022 (evening slot) is already fully reserved. 

However, if you still like to join the concert, you may leave your interest by filling up the following form. Once we have enough students present their interest, we may arrange another concert for you. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Some information: 

  1.  The 2nd concert will most probably in the afternoon on 14th June 2022. Once we get enough (around 30) students showed their interest, we will check with Esplanade about the venue availability and update the details again.

  2.  The registration fee will be $200/ performer, include 3 complimentary tickets, free downloading of photos and videos shot by photographer, and a  photobook. You don't have to make payments now, until we confirmed the 2nd concert.

  3.  In order to make a smooth and enjoyable concert, and also follow the requirement from Esplanade, the performer need to be G1 and above.

  4.  Tickets price will be $15/pax, all students aged 5 and above, and all parents are welcomed.

  5.  Event are subject to Safe Management Measures, all performers and audiences aged 12 above need to be fully vaccinated or recovery from covid.

  6.  Students who filled up the interest form will have the priority to join, subject to first come first serve basis.

I'd like to join!

Thanks for your interest! We will keep you posted.

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