2017 Singapore International Classical Piano Competition

Singapore International Classical Piano Competition is organized by IMCAS, International Music Culture Association Singapore. The Final round will take place on 27 August 2017 in Lee Foundation Theatre, Singapore. Candidates of all nationalities aged 5-29 are welcomed. Now you can register the preliminary in Finger Waltz or visit www.imcas.sg to register online.




1. About


Singapore International Classical Piano Competition is organized by IMCAS, International Music Culture Association Singapore. The motivation of this international piano competition is to facilitate the communication of music culture between Singapore and other countries, to enhance classical piano performance skill and knowledge of all the candidates, and the most important, to increase people’s enthusiasm of learning classical music.



2. Auditions


There will be two rounds, the preliminary and final. 





Candidates can attend the preliminary by either join a live audition or take part in an online video screening.


The Singapore preliminary live audition will take place from 2pm onwards on 29 July 2017, in Sinfonietta Recital Hall, Forte Music Academy, 51 Waterloo Street, #03-05, Singapore S187969.


For other countries, preliminary live auditions will be held no later than 29 July 2017 in different cities. To enquire about the venue and date, please contact our representatives in your city for more details.


For candidates who can’t join live auditions, you can also choose to take part in an online video screening. You will be required to submit URL address of your video recording when you do the online registration. It is your liability to make clear video recording and upload correctly to online video website for juries to review. No modification or editing should be made to the video and audio.



For candidates who are qualified in a live audition, a certificate will be awarded at the end of the audition. For candidates who join the online video screening, a softcopy of certificate will be sent by email no later than 29 July 2017.





The final round will take place on 27 August 2017, from 9am to 5pm, in Lee Foundation Theatre, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, 151 Bencoolen St, Singapore 189655. A Steinway & Sons Model D grand piano will be provided for candidates to perform.


An award ceremony and gala concert will be held in the evening.



3. Category


The competition is opened to candidates of all nationalities and background, who aged between 5 to 29 years old.


The competition is divided into two groups, Age Group and Specified Composition Group.



Age Group


The Age Group has 7 subcategories based on the age:


  • Junior Category A: 5 to 6 years;

  • Junior Category B: 7 to 8 years;

  • Junior Category C: 9 to 10 years;

  • Junior Category D: 11 to 12 years;

  • Junior Category E: 13 to 15 years;

  • Junior Category F: 16 to 18 years;

  • Senior Pianist: 19 to 29 years;


The age of all candidates are calculated based on the date of the final round, which is 27 Aug 2017.


Candidates can only sign up for 1 category in Age Group.



Specified Composition Group


The Specified Composition Group has 5 subcategories:

  • Etude Category;

  • Sonata Category;

  • Bach Category;

  • Mozart Category;

  • Chopin Category;


There is no age limitation for Specified Composition Group. Candidates can sign up for multiple categories in Specified Composition Group.



4. Programs



Age Group


  • Junior Category A: free programs up to 4 minutes, 2 pieces from different periods;

  • Junior Category B: free programs up to 6 minutes, 2 pieces from different periods;

  • Junior Category C: free programs up to 8 minutes, 2 pieces from different periods;

  • Junior Category D: free programs up to 10 minutes, 2 pieces from different periods;

  • Junior Category E: free programs up to 12 minutes, 2 pieces from different periods;

  • Junior Category F: free programs up to 14 minutes, 2 pieces from different periods;

  • Senior Pianist: free programs up to 16 minutes, 2 pieces from different periods;



The Specified Composition Group


  • Etude Category : Any one etude from Czerny,Chopin,Liszt,Debussy and so on, up to 5 minutes.

  • Sonata Category: Any one movement from classical sonata including sonatina, no repeat, up to 5 minutes.

  • Bach Category: Any one composition by Bach, up to 5 minutes.

  • Mozart Category: Any one composition by Mozart, up to 5 minutes.

  • Chopin Category: Any one composition by Chopin, up to 5 minutes.





Candidates can choose the same pieces for the both two rounds.

All the candidates should play by memory.


All the programs the candidates choose should be classical piano pieces including baroque period, classical period, romantic period and 20 century. Pop, Jazz and other non-classical piano pieces are not acceptable. For applicants who play non-classical piano pieces, no award will be granted.



5. Prizes


All the prizes will be granted regarding to the marks of candidates’ performance in the final round.


First Prize: 90 and above;

Second Prize: 85 to 90 (90 is not include);

Third Prize: 80 to 85 (85 is not include);

Final Round Performance Certificate: 80 below (80 is not include);


For First Prize, both a trophy and a certificate will be granted.


For Second, Third Prize and Final Round Performance Certificate, only a certificate will be granted.


The candidate who gets the highest marks of each category will be the winner of that category. If the winner gets more than 95 marks, then an Absolute First Prize will be granted. For Absolute First Prize, the candidate can get a cash bonus as following:


Age Group:


  • Absolute First Prize of Junior Category A: S$ 200;

  • Absolute First Prize of Junior Category B: S$ 300;

  • Absolute First Prize of Junior Category C: S$ 400;

  • Absolute First Prize of Junior Category D: S$ 500;

  • Absolute First Prize of Junior Category E: S$ 600;

  • Absolute First Prize of Junior Category F: S$ 800;

  • Absolute First Prize of “Senior Pianist”: S$ 1000;


Specified Composition Group:


No cash bonus.


The winners of all categories will have to take part in another performance in the gala concert during award ceremony, which is in the evening on 27th Aug 2017. A “Finger Waltz Talent” Prize, consist of an S$ 1,000 scholarship will be awarded to the best overall performer of the gala concert, sponsored by Finger Waltz Music School. Awards will be forfeited if the winner refused to attend the gala concert.


The teacher will also get an Outstanding Teaching Prize with a certificate, if three or more of his/ her students win First Prize, Second Prize or Third Prize in the competition.



6. Registration





  • For Singapore:


For Singapore preliminary live audition, you can either do the registration online on our official website www.imcas.sg, or contact our representatives to register.


  • For other countries:


To register, or enquire about the application deadline, venue and date of the live auditions, you can contact our representatives in your city for more details.


  • For online video screening:


For candidates who can’t join live auditions, can register online video screening on our official website www.imcas.sg.



The application deadline for Singapore preliminary live audition and online video screening is 20 July 2017. Please enquire our representatives about the application deadline for live auditions in other countries.




For qualified candidates, please register the final round through our representatives in your city, or register online on our official website www.imcas.sg. An online registration entrance of final round will be released on 21 July 2017. The application deadline for final round will be 5 August 2017.


For final round registration, a qualified certificate is required.





Candidates must indicate the composer, the title and the duration of the compositions, for both preliminary and final round when they doing the registration.



7. Registration Fees





  • For Singapore audition and online video screening:


Age Group:


  • Junior Category A: S$ 100.

  • Junior Category B: S$ 100.

  • Junior Category C: S$ 110.

  • Junior Category D: S$ 120.

  • Junior Category E: S$ 130.

  • Junior Category F: S$ 140.

  • Senior Pianist: S$ 150.


Specified Composition Group: S$ 100 per category.



  • For other countries:


Please check with the representative of your country or city.





Age Group:


  • Junior Category A: S$ 150.

  • Junior Category B: S$ 150.

  • Junior Category C: S$ 160.

  • Junior Category D: S$ 170.

  • Junior Category E: S$ 180.

  • Junior Category F: S$ 190.

  • Senior Pianist: S$200.


Specified Composition Group: S$ 150 per category.





For final round, the registration fee will include 2 complimentary tickets for award ceremony and gala concert. For more tickets required, additional fee will be charged.


Registration fee can be paid online during the online registration, or by cash if you do the registration through our representatives.


The registration won't be considered valid without any payment fees. Registration fees are not refundable except in the case of a cancellation of the competition or category.



8. Copy Right


In case of audio-visual recordings and/or photographs of all auditions and/or award ceremony and/or gala concert, applicants renounce all economic and/or rights of any nature, and authorize the Artistic Director of the Competition and any related production and/or broadcasting bodies to the free publication and partial or total reproduction of the candidate’s performance. For all applicants submit their registration, will be considered that they have authorized ‘International Music Culture Association Singapore’ and ‘2017 Singapore International Classical Piano Competition’ to use the candidates’ personal data, including diffusion of photographs, audio and video.



9. Other Rules


  • Before the performance of the live audition, include the preliminary and final, the candidates have to exhibit a valid ID for verification.

  • Jury reserves the right to end a performance at any stage of the competition.

  • The jury's decisions are unquestionable.

  • The jury may decide not to award prizes if they do not deem any candidate worthy.

  • All performances are public.

  • Each candidate who signs the registration to the competition agrees with the Competition Rules without exceptions.

  • Candidates awarded at the competition pledge themselves to use the title conferred by the jury in the future. Any abuse will be prosecuted by law.

  • The jury is composed of eminent international artists. Jury members may present their students after notifying the secretariat at the beginning of the competition, provided that they abstain from voting their own students.

  • The Regulation is based on Singapore Law.


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